You’re ridonkulous.

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Good morning, my sweet little devil dog. I know that right now, you’re curled up sleeping, in what your Nana (also known as the dog walker I hired) lovingly calls your “Mansion” and sometimes your ‘Condo’. I know that when she arrives at 11 am, you will  get so excited in your crate, that the entire thing will shake and shimmy. I know that when you first walk outside, you will raise your sweet little dog face up into the sun, and sniff around to see if the weather is currently holding an acceptable temperature.

She actually just this moment sent me a text containing a photograph of you. She took this just now, after arriving to our home 10 minutes before, when she woke you up from your crate. You immediately went outside and did this:


What a terribly lazy excuse for an animal.


You’ve been asleep, alone, in your crate for a solid three hours. Your dog walker, (Nana) wants to play Pup Treads with you– but instead you’ve decided that sunning your 6 month old bones on your air chair is the way to go. You are absolutely no good. Also, don’t think I’ve forgotten that last night, you attempted to take a sample of my WALL. AGAIN!!! You are truly a terrible, terrible animal.

Oh, and I have a secret for you as well.  We’re going to go meet the parents of Duncan. I know you don’t know who Duncan is yet, but you will pretty soon. He’s gonna be your little bro– and I think you’re going to love him soooo much. I can’t wait to bring him home and see your sweet little face get all excited because I brought you a friend.

Also, don’t tell your daddy, but I might be currently shopping for your newest collar. 😀


Love always,



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