You can’t keep licking my eyeballs open.

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Duncan Doodle. Soul melter.

Stella is the Princess of our home. If she wants to sit in your spot, you pretty much get up and let her sit there. If you don’t get up and let her have the spot, there’s a few different things that may go down but most of them end in unpleasant crowding and dog claws that dig into your skin.

Duncan on the other hand is just a really chill ‘go with the flow’ kind of dog. You can kinda sweep him to the side without ruffling his feathers at all. He loves to play with toys, and especially loves to play toys with his daddy. He will play tug/wrestle/fetch until he just can’t stand up anymore.

In addition to being the princess, Stella is also lazy. If it’s dark outside, you can pretty much bet her ass is going to be in bed on the red silky pillows, or be in bed laying on the chenille throw because she’s a diva.  Duncan, on the other hand, is not a huge fan of the sleepings.  M-F I generally get up first. I shower and then crack the bathroom door so that Jay will sort of wake up naturally.  The weekends are a whole different story. Jay tends to get up right at dawn on the weekends. Normally Duncan will follow him out and get fed, play a bit and then chill out.  Of late, he’s been coming back to the bedroom. Sometimes the dogs play Bouncy House on the bed until I get up. Sometimes Stella and I just snooze. It all depends. This Saturday morning I woke up to what we like to call a “doodle hat”. Doodle hat is where Duncan will come and lay longwise on my pillow next to the wall. I tend to pull my second pillow down farther in the night, so it creates a sort of…Doodle hidey-hole thing. Anyway, Saturday morning, Jay got out of bed to do his thing at probably 6:45 or so, and Stella and I snuggled down for some super hardcore morning snooze time. My eyes opened again at some point and I noticed it was daylight, but ignored it and slept some more. At some point, however, I was ripped from a FABULOUSLY amazing sleep by Duncan who had inserted himself into Doodle Hat position and was LICKING my eyelids. I opened my eyes and I got kiss on the nose, and an open mouthed boop/muzzle-punch. I closed them and he licked them again until I opened them.  It was sort of cute.  Sunday came. Jay got up, I stayed in bed with Stella. There was some cuddling. Some snoring. I woke up at one point,  laying on my side and peeked through my closed lids, and Duncan was in the bedroom, laying in front of the bathroom door. I snooze some more, maybe another half hour or so. And I’ll be damned if that fucker isn’t licking my eyeballs open AGAIN! I peeked at him and his two little bear paws were perched over the edge of my pillow, and I swear to you he was smiling. Apparently, we now lick mommy’s eyelids till she gets up. Awesome.

Also, Stella escaped from the car this weekend at the dog park. I can’t deal with re-writing the story because it made me so emotionally freaked, so I’m going to just screenshot the post I wrote in a Dane forum I’m a part of.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.17.10 PM

So scary. There were tears. Surely I’m not the only one whose dog leaps over her to escape and play in the parking lot. Oh, I am? Crap…

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