You aren’t always so perfect, Miss Priss

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I know I am supposed to find you beautiful, majestic and breathtaking, and I do. I mean, just look at these photos of you!


11 Weeks -with Hunter


Pretty baby, playing fetch! You look like you’re being starved in this photo. I know this is only because of the parasite we are treating you for, but Lordy– you look starved.


Playing with your tire! What a pose!


Queen of the Yard!


So yeah, look how beautiful and majestic you are. Except– the following photos are what 75% of the photographs of you look like that I don’t show the public.


I see the look of sheer horror on your face, sweets. All because that sprinkler might actually sprinkle you.


WTF is up with that face? Is that terror?


Your daddy is terrified.


Are you about to take flight??


Are you crashing into your father in this photo?


So yeah, that’s the real truth. For every single gorgeous photo I get of you, I had to take 4 of the photos above.  I hope you know we are all laughing at you, kid! And just remember that even though I’m laughing, I still adore you.


3 thoughts on “You aren’t always so perfect, Miss Priss

  1. Jennifer

    That’s one of the things I love about Great Danes; they can be so regal at times and then goof-balls at other times. I will ALWAYS have a Dane in my home. 🙂


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