Winter is coming!!

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I’m so over Game of Thrones. I can’t believe I even made that the title of this blog. Anyway, the other day when I was chatting with some of my friends from my Great Dane forums, we got on the topic of jackets for the dogs.

Now– let me start off by stating the following:

  • I do not care for dogs to wear clothes unless it’s some special, photo-op thing, but coats are different.
  • If you don’t have one of these giant dogs, don’t roll your eyes. I promise– almost all of them HATE the cold with a passion. They just don’t have near enough coat on them to keep them warm.

Here’s a prime example of why we put a coat on Stella:


Look at her face. You can see the tiny bit of snow on the ground around the outer edge of the photograph. This isn’t one of those moments where I just caught a good shot, either. She’s literally SOOO unhappy. The wind came whipping around that corner, and she turned around and hauled butt back to me and the safety of the house.

Anyway, as I was saying before, we were talking about coats for our dogs on the Dane forums, and someone suggested that I go to at Feed store to find one. I think I will, because the foal blankets look like a FABULOUS idea.

Here’s Stella in her jacket last year. Look at her. Beautiful, regal, majestic, stoic.


You people all tell me the same thing after you see photos like this:

“Ohhh, Charity- you take such great pictures! And Stella, wow, she’s just so   terrible  well behaved and gorgeous.  For every single photo like the one above, I take 10 like the photos below.

Here’s Hunter trying to wrangle Stella into the jacket she’s wearing above:


She’s biting the crap out of his arm in the photo above.



Look at her face. It’s completely smashed into the ground. She could not be behaving any more terribly than she is right here.


She’s full on pissy right here. She’s falling out, flipping her body around, fighting Hunter at every turn.


I can’t remember what was happening here– but she’s for sure still biting the crap out of him.


“Screw this– I’m ripping it off.”

Good times.

Anyway, this year I think we’re going to take her to a feed store and see about getting some horse blankets for her to wear in the winter. She’s going to be so pissy and thankful at the same time.

As for Duncan– well he’s always hot and has a fur coat. He’s going to freaking love winter.

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