What a gooood girl

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We’ve got a houseguest staying with us for a few weeks. Said houseguest happens to own a 4 month old Great Dane puppy. Ya’ll, Stella is just beside herself with joy.  She loves her Duncan Doodle super hard, but for her, there is something special about other Great Danes and Great Dane puppies.  As a general rule, she’s always been good with puppies, but she doesn’t get a lot of extended puppy time, mainly because we don’t really know anyone with puppies, and those who do have puppies, they are too young to take to the park.

Stella has taken it as a personal goal to ensure CJ knows how to be a Great Dane.


Hi, I’m CJ– here to follow your every move.


It’s hilarious to watch him copy her every move. It’s almost step by step and mirror image when he’s interacting with her.  He’s super infatuated with her, and she’s trying very hard to remain patient and sweet with him. CJ drives Duncan batshit crazy, but Stella is just as patient as the day is long.





As is the case with most Great Dane puppies, CJ is a bitey mother-huncher. I mean, those razor sharp teeth are always just biting the crap out of anyone or anything in it’s path. It doesn’t matter if it’s Doodle face, Great Dane neck, or Great Dane butt– he will bite it:


I *will* bite your butt, Stella Blue. Nothing is safe.



Oh, I’m climbing on you too.


Sometimes he has to be squashed by Stella to be reminded who is boss.


Squish. I’m the boss, kid.

She does get a reprieve from time to time though, when he decides to sick his bitey teeth into Duncan for a change. I swear he thinks Doodle is a stuffy toy. Ya’ll, this puppy makes Duncan bark in this high pitched, completely offensive, screechy bark.  It’s this awful, horrible, cringe inducing bark. No amount of squirt bottle to the face has made any dent in the amount of barking. Don’t get me wrong, he LOVES to play with CJ– he just wants the biting to stop. Also, this photo below reminds me of Stella when she would go greet peeps as a baby, and shove her entire dog head into other dogs faces. HI, I’M STELLA!!!


Psst. I will bite you with my sharp teeth, Duncan Doodle.

Bless his heart. Poor Duncan Doodle is just being so harassed by this puppy. I mean, just non-stop harassment. I kept thinking that perhaps the constant barking in his face would convince CJ that the constant fuckery with Doodle was a bad idea, but CJ cares not at all that Duncan barks at him. He sort of just ignores it and keeps on biting.  Duncan loves him a lot and wants to play with him– but he definitely wants the biting to stop. 😀


Stop it, Dane puppy!!!








I tell you what– this has been so fun for my dogs. I can’t wait to see what happens this weekend!
















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