Well, Helllllo!!

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Wow– what a hiatus! While we haven’t written as much as I’d liked to have, we have most definitely been busy around the slobber tales household!

Stella has been working with our dog walker/sitter/trainer, Cynthia from Your Helping Paws for the last month or so. Stella has always been terribly spoiled, and sort of awful on a leash. The constant pulling and bouncing around was awful, and poor Cynthia (aka Nana) is the one who had to pay the price. She asked if we’d allow a pokey collar for training, and of course we said yes.

It started out with Nana just trying to get Stella to stop pulling. That later turned into making Stella sit and stay at the crosswalks, even if other doggies are around. That’s the hardest part for her– being still around her friends. Nana got a small video tidbit of her success!!


I’m so proud of her!


In other news, the reign of terror is not over. I bought the MOST adorable mat for the backdoor, because the dogs are always dragging in mud. Unfortunately, the ‘adorable’ mat I bought lasted less than 8 minutes outside. I laid it by the back door, ran inside to pee, came back out, and found this:

photo (6)

Look at his face. Absolutely no shame.


Oh, and don’t assume it’s just Duncan, either, because:


photo (5)

Guilty Face.

In other news, a cold front blew in last night and Stella just can’t even deal with the cold. That being said, I’ve still not gotten her a coat that I love, but I DID find one that would work. Today was her first day actually wearing it with her Nana on a walk, and Cynthia snapped a pic of Stella trying to rip it off her body:

photo (7)

This shit has GOT to go, Mommy!


Last weekend, we had some AMAZING weather, and when I couldn’t find Stella I went looking out in the back yard.  I found her:


I cannot possibly be bothered to acknowledge your presence.

I cannot possibly be bothered to acknowledge your presence.


Sweet, sweet face...

Sweet, sweet face…



Hopefully I’m back to a more reliable posting schedule! Thanks for your patience!!




2 thoughts on “Well, Helllllo!!

  1. Cyndi

    Have you tried the ez walk or other no-pull harness? I much prefer those to the prong collars.
    Also look at the dog coats from RC Pet Products. They come in fleece and also rain coat style and fit my Danes very well. Amazon sells them.

  2. Slobber Tales Post author

    Thanks for the tips, Cyndi! We are trying to teach her to not pull, regardless of what collar or leash we have. Luckily, our trainer is amazing, and Stella has already made a HUGE improvement.


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