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Ya’ll, the Doodle is crazy. This dog is unlike any other dog I’ve ever owned. Don’t get me wrong, Stella is also unlike any other dog I’ve ever owned, but Duncan is just…all dog, for lack of a better word. He’s like a messy, dirty, sloppy, smelly little boy. Stella can come into the living room, and delicately jump onto the couch, fold her gigantic self up into a ball and sleep, without ever messing up the mat we lay on the couch for her. That stupid Doodle will come flying up onto the couch and somehow every pillow will fly off, the mats will be tangled up into tiny balls and half shoved into the couch somehow, and then have doodle slobber all over the leather.

2014-07-27 at 11-08-07

Cedar Bark Park – July 2014


Anyway, this crazy dog– he can’t stop moving until it’s ‘Duncan Doodle Recharge Time’ which is called ‘bedtime’ and he passes clean out, until morning.  About 3 times a week, Jay and I will sit on the back porch, talking and hanging out. At some point, Duncan will go back inside. Before you can count to 5…


Doodle will come back through the doggy door, with a bite of kibble in his mouth. He’ll walk onto the porch, look around, go back inside.


Count to 5.


Out he comes, chewing kibble and doing a drive by. In and out, in and out until he’s finished eating. Even if we are sitting at the table and he decides he’s ready to eat, he’ll take a bite, and circle the table, ensuring all dogs and humans are in their places and that he hasn’t missed anything. The thing that’s so funny about when he’s eating and we are on the porch, is that he can literally see out the window to us. Our bench touches the window where his food bowl is, so I know he can see us. One day, because we are apparently extra mean, every time Duncan would go inside, we’d move to a different spot on the porch, and sit perfectly still when he came outside. He was 10 kinds of annoyed, and then he came out at one point before we were in our places, and caught us. We were trying so hard not to laugh.

It can for sure be the Stella show around here sometimes, but truly– this stupid doodle is pretty damn awesome.


2014-05-28 at 18-31-42

Doodle Bug



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