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Lazy summer afternoons

Recently, both my kids got their own places. Once they were all settled into their new homes, Jay and I ended up deciding to move our home office from the first floor study to the second floor game room, which is a large, open aired space. Not only would this provide the dogs more room when Jay and I are gaming (or surfing or whatever we are doing), but would also provide us some temperature control, as sometimes 2 iMacs, 2 gaming rigs a couple of iPads, 2 people and a TV can make a room really freaking hot.

Anyway, moving up there has freed up a downstairs room for us. I’d originally intended it to be a sort of formal sitting room, but, we have a 4 bedroom home and  2 people live there. Do I really need a formal sitting room? I mean, we rarely have company. If I did make a formal sitting room, I’d not allow the dogs in there. And really, who needs ANOTHER room with no dogs allowed?

Well, because I apparently need an intervention, I’ve decided I’m going to turn our former study into a play room for thephoto dogs.  I’d originally thought to paint the  walls a sort of charcoal grey, much like the photo over here on the right ————>, and accent the room with lady bugs.  I’ve ordered some wall border, some vinyl gigantic ladybugs, and a ton of other adorable shit.  I’ve actually only just now begun assessing whether or not I’m going to indeed paint, or if I’m going to just go with the room the color it is. I’ve got some drapes (there are blinds in there, but I’d like the drapes more for decor) picked out, a few big red toy buckets to put in there, as well as wall art.

These dogs are so spoiled, but I love them anyway. <3

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