The winter blues

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This winter has been weird. We’ve been in a 4 year drought, and yet I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in a billion years. It was sunny and cold yesterday for awhile and that was awesome, and I woke up this morning to more cold rain. I really hate to complain about it considering the aforementioned drought, but really, this constant cold and wet weather is causing madness in my house.


Oh, you think you’re gonna put this box in my room? Think again, Mommy!

These dogs have been stir crazy. It’s muddy and gross outside, and so those few times it stops raining they go out there and donkey around like lunatics, and then get all zoomy and crazy and trample mud all OVER the house.


Sometime we need a rake to clean Stella’s room.

I’m not sure the staircase can survive much more. The carpet there is now what looks to be a permanent shade of black-brown. There are clear paw prints on the walls. There are small indentions on the sheetrock from one of them crashing the other one into the wall. There are now rips in my leather couch from where Stella will launch herself from it, while doing some random land-turn-tuck-launch move which ends in some springboard bounce from the ottoman. This all happens when we are at work, but I’ve seen the destruction and then watched the video feed on our security system.

My house looks like a heard of tazmanian devils were let loose in here. I spent all last weekend cleaning, dusting, mopping and scrubbing. Right now it looks as if a bomb has exploded in here and I’m just too lazy to clean it up.

It’s not as if I’m actually too lazy– but now it’s raining outside again. And they’ve already begun their crap… /sigh

I’m ready for spring, guys!

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