The Warrior

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Stella went to the park about 900 times this weekend.  She had some epic battles with her friends, and got the chance to meet a whole bunch of new ones! In the end, though, what makes me laugh the most is these silly photos. If you’ve ever seen a video of Stella playing with her friends at the park, you realize that she’s nothing but floppy, silly, sweet little puppy. By looking at these photos, though, you’d totally think she was an epic warrior!


I will bite your feet, young black and white pup!

I will knock you down with my amazing strength!

Flying Danes Attack!

Silly, silly, silly dogs

Mommy! Save me!!!



‘And because she’s the cutest dog ever…I shall show you guys how we entertain her highness when in the bathroom, since she can’t be trusted to roam the house unattended for even the smallest amount of time…



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