The final countdown!

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So, yesterday I received a package in the mail from Ms. Relevant . As most of you know, I’m just about 14 short days away from bringing home my Great Dane puppy. Well, my birthday (I’ll be 39. Holy crap…) is around the corner, and this chick sent me the most adorably wrapped gift I’ve ever seen.

This box was in another box– and the card that was with it was also fucking perfect.

She wrapped this damn thing so that it looked like the Great Dane ATE her way out of the box. How fucking perfect is this???


Happy Birthday to Me!


Anyway- it’s perfect and I adore her.


To top all THAT off with a cherry, this crafty thang  has offered to make me a special ‘mat’ blanket thing that I wanted. I’ve read a few articles that suggest that Danes often get these big callousy things on their elbows and stuff if they constantly are lying/ getting up and down/rolling around on concrete. One of the Dane owners suggested taking a ‘mat’ with you when you are out and about, and training the pup to ‘go to their mat’ on command. She allows her dog to sit/stand/lay on it, just as long as she STAYS on it. Her reasoning, aside from the gross callous things, is that her dog is large, and can counter/table surf easily if you are in a restaurant or cafe situation– and can be a disturbance to other people. She says that making it sit/lay down is sort of mean when all it wants to do is see what’s going on around her, and that just confining her dog to the mat is sufficient in almost all cases.

I wanted this particular mat for several purposes. I wanted it somewhat durable and waterproof on one side, so that if the ground or concrete was damp, it wouldn’t just soak up and get Stella wet instantly. I didn’t necessarily need it water-proof, per se, I just wanted there to be some sort of protection. I wanted the other side for her to be able to snuggle up in/on if we were out and about and she was sleepy. I also wanted to be able to use it to dry her off, if we were suddenly someplace that had water and she got unexpectedly wet by swimming or something like that.

Anyway, Mandi said she’d be glad to make me one– so we picked this:


Cutest material ever…


Sometimes having crafty friends is legit…


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