‘…the doodle did it’

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This weekend was full of adventures. Mainly, the adventures of Stella Blue, who was most certainly NOT a good dog this weekend. Unfortunately, she’s so freaking adorable, sweet and happy, that no one can stay mad at Ms. Priss very long.



I heard there were fun things to do today?!?

Jay found this little surprise on Friday afternoon…Look at her face. She’s terrible. I can’t believe neither of us thought of doing a couple of ‘dog shaming’ notes for these. As you can see below, she has gone ahead and cleaned out the ENTIRE whiskey barrel for me.



the doodle did it…


I found this on Sunday morning. You can see she is absolutely perplexed as to why she’s in trouble. “This mess isn’t mine, Mommy. Obviously, those gigantic muddy paw prints on the carpet belong to Duncan. Even though he’s still a baby only 5 months old…”


the doodle did it…



The doodle did it. He ate the wall once before he even came here (wut?), then Daddy patched it, Mommy painted it, and then Doodle ate it some more.


Stella obviously is VERY certain the doodle is to blame for all the recent calamities that have befallen our home. In fact, just this morning, at 6:45, Stella was still in our bed, with the covers carefully piled around her, curled up into the tiniest space possible.  The Duncan then decided that she needed to wake up, because he jumped up there and promptly began eating her face. I’m sure she was all like this:

“If I close my eyes and count to three, maybe that stupid doodle will be gone…”



Damn. He’s still here.

We went out to a couple of dog parks this weekend, and as usual, both pups ran their butts off…


He’s so floppy it takes a few minutes to figure out what is what…


But the best part, is that Duncan is taking after Stella, and really just showing no worries about introducing himself to new doggies. Apparently, he’ll just go put his face RIGHT IN THEIR FACE, and say, ‘hi’.




I hope all of you guys had a fantastic weekend. Check back soon for more adventures!

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