The days are dragging.

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My puppy is now seven days old. Just a tiny baby girl, a week old. Her little eyes aren’t even open yet.  She’s not able to stand on her own. I have 6 laboriously long weeks left before Stella Blue gets to come home. Last night I had a dream in which my breeder sued us to get custody of Stella Blue, because we took her to the vet to get her nails trimmed. It was awful. I woke up all kinds of annoyed and pissy. It’s now 2:45 in the afternoon, and I’m *still* pissy about it. Anyway, Bianca has had to head back to work, so she’s not been able to get very many new photos of the babies. I’m trying to avoid being an annoying bitch about it– but I am probably failing profusely.

In other news, we got her new crate:

That is a big ass crate


Stella Blue

And because she’s awesome– here’s Stella Blue’s sister, Kizzy,  being a BAMF on her mommy:

This puppy is smart as hell.

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