The Arrival

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Well, Wilson has been home for about 2 weeks now and things have been extremely interesting. To be frank, I’d anticipated his arrival to go much differently than it has. When we brought Duncan home, Stella was enamored with him in the most serious of ways. She loved to have him romp on her face, she flirted with him, and was as patient and sweet as the day is long. Her love for him was evident on her face. Here she is at about 10 months playing with Duncan Doodle, who is 8 weeks old.

As Stella has gotten older, though she’s still very sweet and friendly and very social, when it comes to smaller dogs and puppies, she’s far less tolerant. She doesn’t really want them crawling all over her when she’s laying in bed, and she also doesn’t want them randomly invading any place where she’s resting. We actually went back and looked at video of Duncan’s introduction to Stella, and Jay and I were both fairly surprised at the difference in her behavior with Wilson in comparison to Duncan. She does not allow any of the shenanigans demonstrated above when it comes to Wilson. Upon occasion she will allow him to play around with her– but it’s normally mere moments.

22244792392_58fe33e475_z (1)

Wilson and Duncan, on the other hand– well, that’s a whole different story. Duncan is a sweet and patient little puppy sitter, but he’s also a vocal fussbucket, making for a fairly entertaining bout of doodling. Him being so vocal has now taught Wilson to be vocal as well! Ha!


It’s been so awesome to get to watch them bond. Each day their relationship becomes stronger and stronger. The cutest part, though, is how Duncan will get fussy and growly when Wilson toddles around Duncan’s dog bed, or gets too close to Duncan’s dog bone or whatever. He loves him so much and is so patient, but Duncan is trying really hard to teach Wilson the rules.


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Thus far it has been a complete blast, and I could not be more happy with Wilson and his adjustment into the pack.

I hope you guys have a fantastic rest of the week, and stay tuned for more puppy pics and videos. <3 <3

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