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We use the word ‘terrible’ a lot for Stella. I think there are probably a few people around here who may think I have some ridiculous, out of control animal running around– and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Stella is a sweet, playful girl, who still has a ton of puppy left inside her. That being said, Jay and I are rather…ridiculous when it comes to dog ownership. We fall in love and raise our dogs much like our children. They are rather spoiled, but overall just awesome, awesome little things.

The ‘terrible’ part sort of came about when Stella was a brand new little puppy and had just been brought into our house. We noticed that right before she’d get a case of the zoomies or anytime she played Treasure Chase her ears would sort of flip backwards. We started watching and realized that EVERYTIME she was being terrible her ears were like that.

I spent some time yesterday assembling a montage of photos of Donkey being terrible. Some of them aren’t in focus, but her face was so hysterical that I didn’t even care.



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