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I’ve mentioned before that we had a houseguest staying with us for a month or two. Along with said houseguest came a 6 month old Great Dane puppy. I’ve posted in The Great Dane Group several times about the weird relationship between my two dogs, and CJ. Duncan and CJ are BEST friends. I don’t mean, like, they like each other a little, I mean those two boys go INSANE playing together. And they don’t just mouth wrestle– no- it’s running at full speed, crashing into each other, lots of barking, and necks completely enveloped in teeth.  When we brought Duncan home as a puppy, Stella instantly knew he was ‘hers’, and treated him playfully, lovingly and very carefully.  CJ on the other hand, Stella deals with quite differently. She spends a lot of her time just being generally pissed off at him.  She will go to the dog park and flirt, run, show off and generally be adorable, but if CJ tries to prance around or play with her, she just growls at him and barks all mean face at him. He’s now been part of our lives for several months and I still don’t understand Stella’s rules about any of it.

The other night I was laying in bed, sound asleep and she jumps up and just barks at CJ like she’s going to rip his head off. Apparently, he touched her in his sleep, and in order to prevent him from going to sleep on the couch alone, I moved him to my other side so they could both snuggle with me, without him touching her. It’s ridiculous. It’s like dealing with siblings who are in that stage where they can’t even look at each other without acting trying to beat the shit out of everyone. And honestly, CJ doesn’t do much when Stella goes all bat-shit-crazy on him. He will sometimes sass her back and bark and make whale noises at her REALLY loudly, and other times he will look at her with the happiest face you could ever imagine.

In addition to CJ spending time with us, we are also moving. Since this is our first move without children, we are going to replace most of our furniture. In prep for that, I’ve been slowly getting rid of various and sundry bits of furniture, and with each removal Stella becomes more and more irritated.

Here’s a few pics of what’s been going down at our place.


Stella teaching CJ how to Dane at the park!


CJ is always very interested in watching both Stella and Duncan swim, but thus far he won’t do more than just barely step into the edge of the water. I’m hoping this will change as he matures and becomes more familiar with the park and larger bodies of water.


CJ is both interested and terrified of larger bodies of water. He watches Stella swim carefully, but he’s not interested enough to try for himself.


 Even his best friend Duncan can’t get CJ interested enough to make him go into the water. Normally when Doodle comes out of the water, CJ is there to roughhouse with him.


Doodle! Play with me!!

This weekend we are headed to Durango, Colorado for vacation. This time we won’t be taking the dogs along, and they will be in the care of Alea and Your Helping Paws. I’m going to miss them, but I know they are in the BEST hands. <3

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