Sometimes, you just have to eat their faces

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Sometimes, blogs about Stella are so much easier to just show photos for, rather than trying to write some witty ass story.  Anyway, last night,  Stella decided that it was time to rough house with Hunter.  The photographs of the event were pretty epic. You can find them below. Anyway, that shit was funny. She’s terrible and I love her.

She is so possessed by evil she just comes across as a blur in photos.

But wait, I caught them in action. She is LITERALLY about to take a giant friggin bite out of his face.


At the last minute, she kissed him, instead of eating his face.  Although, you can see the look of distrust.


My friend, Ms. A-Relevant, made some special training mats for Stella. I wanted something warm and soft on one side for her to snuggle in (or to dry her off with, or cover her up with, just to lay on), and then something more durable and slightly water resistant for the back side, mainly for putting on concrete when we go to dog friendly cafe’s and bistros.  She sent a pile of them yesterday and Stella picked out her favorite immediately. I need to get photos of the rest of these, but she was so sweet that I had to share the few below. Please note the mat is located on a loveseat in which Stella NEVER chills. She almost always goes to a certain chair or corner of the big couch. Ms. A-Relevant deserves a freaking award  for creating them for me!!

How flipping cute is that fabric?


Are you looking for some sort of AWESOME holiday gift for your pup? I bought these a few weeks ago and they came in last night. Stella LOVES them. The tin came personalized with “Stella Blue” on the bucket, and “Good Dog” is written on most of the toys. So. Flipping. Cute.


How cute is this?


 And finally, here is Stella Blue’s 14 week Polar Bear photo:

Skinny Minny


In other news, my husband sent me a link to a website I never knew existed. Called Bring Fido , this website is straight up amazing. You can type in your city, and the website will show you all the dog friendly restaurants in your area. Moreover, if you are planning to take a vacation with your dog, what a great tool to use to find pet friendly hotels and activities. Additionally, I saw there was info on pet friendly airlines as well. This could also be a cool tool to have handy for local vets and what not.


Happy Thursday ya’ll!

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