So proud!

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I had a long weekend due to President’s Day, and let me tell you it was a great one. We took the dogs to the park a few times and while Stella played with all her friends, Duncan spent most of his time learning how to swim. He literally went from “Oh, I can splash in the water” to “I will jump in and swim half the lake to retrieve a ball” in literally 3 visits.  Yesterday the park was mostly empty, as it was a

Monday, so it was a good time to really see how far he’d go out there. He brought that ball back to us 100 times, plunking it happily at our feet for a return throw into the lake.  At one point, Jay and I were talking and we both decided that Duncan has no ‘off’ button. The dog will just chase the ball till his heart explodes, we’re sure of it.

Get it, Duncan!

Get it, Duncan!



Almost there!


He did it! Good job, doodle!

He did it! Good job, doodle!


While Duncan practiced swimming, Stella was busy doing other stuff. Stuff like running, playing, chasing, sniffing and generally just engaging in various shenanigans with other Danes at the park.


Stella is in the lead, Brindle Friend is in the middle, and Duncan Doodle is taking up the rear. The chase was ON.



Mouth Wrestling



Sweet friends!





12545767933_c02a84ae38_b (1)

Kangaroo Boxing!


In addition to having a super fun time this weekend, Stella has also been working very hard on some more serious things as well. Her trainer has been teaching her that we sit at cross walks and wait until we are invited to cross the street. We sit quietly and do not move, even when other dogs are near.  We sit so patiently that Ms. Cynthia can let our leash go, and not be worried:

Stella during training with Ms. Cynthia

Stella during training with Ms. Cynthia


We have also mastered sit/shake and lay-down on command. WOOT WOOT! If we could just master ‘Stella, come!’, my life would be complete!


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!




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