Slobber Tales by Stella Blue

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My mommy tells me that she talks about me an awful lot on here, but when I told her that I wanted to speak for myself, she said that was a great idea.  My name is Stella Blue, and I’m a 16 week old Great Dane puppy.  I was really small when my mommy and daddy brought me home, but I’m getting to be a big girl now (I’m already 47 lbs!), and that means I’m learning to do things ‘all by myself’!  Sometimes, I go out my doggie door to potty, without being reminded. My mommy and daddy get extra excited when I come back in, and sometimes I get treats for being a big girl.

It’s not all fun and games though! I do things I’m not supposed to do sometimes, and my mommy and daddy fuss at me.  I know that I’m supposed to be sorry when I get in trouble, but sometimes it’s funny, so I like to be extra cute and run away from them when they are telling me off. Especially if I’ve stolen something I’m not supposed to have…things like hair ties, shoes, purses, backpacks, brushes, any item that isn’t mine, etc.  I never actually chew these things up because my mommy and daddy catch me too fast, but I probably WOULD chew them up if they let me.

I’m just chewin on my bone while lounging on the super awesome custom mat my Aunt Mandi made me!

Saturday morning, I went to see Dr. Breclaw at Forest Creek Animal Clinic.  Dr. Breclaw is very nice and likes to give me lots of pets. She always talks to me very sweetly and is always very gentle. She says I’m ‘just perfect’ and likes to give my mommy and daddy lots of praise for being such good doggie parents, because they always feed me the best foods, and provide me a very stable and super loving home, and also always make sure to provide the proper veterinary care for me.

Dr. Breclaw said I was FINALLY clear to go out and explore our little town of Round Rock, and our first stop was heading out to the lake by our home.  I didn’t actually get IN the water this time, but I did watch my daddy throw some big sticks into it. I don’t know why he did that, because I was PLAYING with those sticks! Anyway, it was a super fun weekend.

Oh! This week my Nana comes back! Finally! She’s been on vacation for a whole week and I miss her a lot. My Nana works for Your Helping Paws and she takes extra great care of me. She lets me text my mommy funny pictures she takes of me every day, and tells my mommy what I’ve been up to. My Nana also gives me TONS of snuggles and kisses. She sometimes takes me for a short walk, but occasionally I act naughty on the leash, so my mommy lets Ms. Cynthia decide whether I get to go for a walk or not. (Ms. Cynthia is what my mommy calls my Nana).

Hi! I’m Stella Blue!

Now that I’m officially ‘free’, my daddy says we are going to do LOTS of fun stuff together. I know my mommy is already planning to introduce me to some new doggie friends at the next Great Dane Meet-Up in our city. She thinks it’s important for me to play with doggies my own size, as well as learning to play with ones that are much smaller than me.

Well, I have to go take a nap now, as my mommy says it’s time.

I can’t wait to talk to you guys again!

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  1. Kim

    Hi! I love Stella’s collar. Where did you get it?

    I ended up here through DOL Forums. I also have a 16 week old Dane, Ruby Blue. Love what you have going here!


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