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For some time now, my friend and I have been working on a little project in our free time. We’ve gotten a lot of people interested in the mats Stella uses when we dine at local cafes. I also keep these stupid things in the car (to protect it, and also because she lays on them), in her crate, on the couch…everywhere. Basically they are 30×34 with a duck or canvas fabric on the back, and then some sort of minky material on the front. It’s soft, fuzzy and warm. They love to snuggle in them, and more importantly– they are cute, useful and handy.

Here’s a photo of Stella on one of her Sit!Spots at a cafe here in Austin:



Stella lounging on her Sit!Spot at The Domain in Austin.



On the Sit!Spot






My friend will be launching her business shortly and we are *so* excited and proud to be a part of it!



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