Saturday at the park

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It seems that not only do  we live for the weekends, but it seems like Stella does as well. The weekends are when we can all sleep in, snuggling with Stella, who is one little puppy that does NOT love to wake up on weekdays. There are many mornings where we literally must pull her from the bed, stretching her like taffy, while she digs her claws in, desperate to find purchase which does not require her to rise and begin the day.

Sunday began like most Sunday mornings do at the Slobber Tales house. Stella rolled her lazy self out of bed. She hung out with her dad a bit– and then I woke up to take a shower. I came out of the shower and found this:


Then we took Stella to her to favorite place on earth:  Round Rock Dog Depot . While she enjoys all dog parks, this particular one is her favorite,  mainly because this one is where all her friends congregate. I’ve mentioned this before, but Stella is one of those sweet pups  that thinks every dog, every human, and every other animal is her friend. No matter how much a dog will get in her face and bark harshly, growl, raise it’s hair up–it doesn’t matter. Stella still thinks they are her friend, and is always shocked when they snap at her, and uncertain why they are fussing.

This is Watson. Stella just recently added Watson to her BFF list– mainly because he chews on her pretty hardcore.


Stella plays harder with some friends than others. She generally will find the youngest dogs at the park, and play with them, roughhousing her heart out. She tends to know that older dogs generally don’t like to roughhouse as much, so she is less annoying to them than she is the younger dogs.

This is one happy pooch


Watson! Bite me!


It was a great weekend. There was a ton of play time, a ton of lazy sleepy time, a ton of snuggle time. It was just the sort of weekend Stella loves the very best.



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