Robots are dangerous!

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Jay bought a robot helicopter thing yesterday and brought it home. We have a terrible habit of getting toys like these and then using them around the dogs, just to see their reaction. Stella has a tendency to hate things like that, so of course we try them out on her first and foremost.  Please ignore the fact that my house is completely messy with dog toys and crap spread out all of the place. As you can see, Stella is DISPLEASED with this flying robot:

Duncan is more intrigued than anything else, though Stella just about bites his head off a couple of times for distracting her. You can see her reprimand him a few times, because apparently, flying robots are EXTREMELY serious, and require full attention. Unfortunately, he’s a bit too intrigued because he gets very close at one point, and the little helicopter clips his nose. Please note that no Doodle’s were injured in the making of this video, lol.

It’s sort of hard to see, but Stella is peeking over the back of the side chair, and when Duncan gets bonked, her head jerks up and she’s quite concerned about the whole thing.  Anyway– it was cute and hilarious, and sort of sad at the same time. I feel sort of terrible for making her bark, but it really is too damn cute.  Besides– robots are serious business.

Ya’ll have a great weekend.

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