Recovery! And, Duncan!

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Well, Stella has finally healed from her little surgery. As most of you know, in addition to having her spayed, we also went ahead and had a gastroplexy done on her as well. She’s healed beautifully, and this weekend was the first time in two weeks that we’ve taken her to the dog park. She was a tad bit hesitant at first, but after a few minutes, she jumped around and frolicked with her friends as usual.

It’s hot, Mommy!


She was a complete little angel at the park, and enjoyed her time playing with some sort of short nosed shephard who wanted nothing more than to pounce on her newly resewn stomach. Haha!

Duncan is SO CLOSE TO BEING HOME! We still have not officially picked who will be ours– but I’m gunning for Blue or Yellow right now. We’ll see what they are like in person. Regardless– I thought I’d share the link to the photos. I also want to give a shout out to our breeder, Dixie’s Doodles. I don’t have as much experience with breeders as Jay does, obviously. As a matter of fact, the only breeder I’ve ever worked with at all was Stella’s breeder.  I have to say, that so far I am very, very impressed with the breeding program at Dixie’s Doodles. Dixie knows her stuff. Not just ‘wives tale’ stuff, either. This woman is well versed in many of the areas we feel is super important. Once a week we get very clear, updated photos of each puppy. These photos aren’t cell snaps– they are real photos where one can see the detail and coat of each pup. Weights are clearly listed along with collar color. Videos of the puppies are submitted once a week for the owners as well.  Emails are sent out about what to expect, food tips and tricks, as well as care information and the like.  Like I said, we are beyond pleased.


I’ve also added a video. Please note there are two litters of puppies in this play yard. The chocolate brown ones are Kona’s, and the ones we’ll be selecting from. We’ll be selecting one of the chocolate boys, so the one with the pink collar is out.



Oh– I got these beauties on the way to the dog park. Ya’ll the beast is beyond excited:





Look at her eyes. The animal is insane.

Look at her eyes. The animal is insane.


We should be back to our regularly schedule updates now. Stay tuned!


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