Psssst! A sneak peak at Diesel!

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My breeder just posted this on FB. I almost died a thousand deaths from squealing. You can see their little paws!


Diesel is there!!


Also, I blocked identifying info from here, since I didn’t get Bianca’s permission to talk about her kennel, etc. Once everything is a done deal, then I’ll be sharing all the info with everyone!


Anyway, Diesel is in there!!!

I don’t know how much longer i can stand it. I think that once they are born and they make it past the 10 day mark, and then I get the call ensuring me I get a pup, I’ll be better. I’m sort of freaking out right now. I feel like I’ve already invested so much time into the relationship– yet he’s not even born yet.

Crazy. Yep, I’m crazy!

4 thoughts on “Psssst! A sneak peak at Diesel!

  1. Rachel

    It’s not crazy. It’s actually pretty sweet and funny. My boyfriend and I decided this weekend to go ahead and adopt another pup soon. We just can’t imagine not having a dog in our lives right now, even though we’re grieving Gambit still. It’ll be a little while before we decide on a dog, but we’ve started looking, and have seen a couple we want to apply to adopt. Also, I LOVE the name Diesel. LOVE.

  2. Slobber Tales

    Rachel, I understand the grieving…Jay and I are still grieving Forbin every single day. I made a comment the other day that Diesel has some pretty giant shoes to fill, but Jay said that he can’t fill those shoes, we just have to buy a new pair. This is true. Each pet holds a special place in our hearts!

  3. Rachel

    Okay, I just got a really good look at this picture, and even though I know those are puppies, I can’t help but thinking CENTIPEDES every time I glance at it and then I freak out a little bit. What has been seen….

  4. Nat Post author

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!. Now I’m freaked out, and I was totes all excited about seeing little puppy paws and what not. *sigh*

    Apparently, this post was not as appreciated as I’d anticipated.


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