Product Reviews: Orijen Black Angus Beef Dog Treats

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Most of you who come here are as concerned about the health of your dogs as you are about the health of the humans in your family. The slobber tales household is no different, which means Jay and I pay a whole lot of attention to what we feed the dogs. Aside from trying to ensure they have a healthy, biologically appropriate diet when it comes to kibble– we also try to be very cautious when we ‘treat’ them as well.

We generally don’t give many dog biscuits ( I like to call them, ‘cookies’) because I don’t care for them to have too much grain. There are some things which I’m less crazy about, like sweeteners. My friend Erin, for instance, watches her dogs sugar intake pretty carefully, while I’m a bit more lenient about it. No, I don’t allow them to have treats where sugars are the first few ingredients, but I have no issues with a little molasses or the like being in a dog treat. It’s a lot like raising kids, imo, you just kinda do what you can, and figure the shit out as you go along.

That being said, I’m always on the lookout for new treats to introduce to the dogs. I’ve mentioned before that Stella is pretty particular when it comes to food. She’s not *picky* per se  but she approaches new treats/foods with much interest, curiosity, and a VERY thorough inspection. You can’t just hand her a new type of treat and expect her to pop it in her mouth and go enjoy it in peace. You have to be prepared to hold it for a minute or so, while she puts her nose all over it to decide if she’s going to put it in her mouth or not. Sometimes, she makes you turn it over for even more inspection. She puts her nose right up on it, touching it. If she takes it from you and walks off– all is well. If you try to shove it in her mouth to go enjoy too soon? She’ll spit it out. If you are offering her some crappy treat (aka dried sweet potato strip) and she wants one of her tripe patties she will spit that shit right on the ground and look at you like you’re stupid.  This dog, ya’ll…

We started ordering our dog food online, and the last order we got, they sent a couple of bags of treats for us to try, and let me tell you– they are amazing. You can read more about Orijen and these treats here



Orijen Black Angus Beef Dog Treats





Ingredients list on the back of the bag



The treats!


If I had any real criticism of this dog treat, it would be that I wish they were more ‘dane sized’.  These are PERFECT for training though, and the dogs ABSOLUTELY love them.  I got these free, so I can’t attest to the expense– but I did mention to Jay that I’d like to keep a bag of these in our stock, because of the quality and the fact that the pups love them so much.


Slobber Tales Rating: 5 Paws!

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  1. Cyndi

    One of my Danes favorite treats is the dried lamb lung fillets called “Texas Holdems”. It’s just lamb lung & nothing else. It comes in a big bag with varying sized pieces and I break them up into treat sizes. A bag s about $18 but lasts a long time. The other thing I do for treats is just get the big bag of frozen chicken breasts from walmart, thaw, microwave cook and cut into cubes. Pack in small tupperware containers & ziploc bags for freshness, freeze some to take out as needed.


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