Product Review: Rip&Tug

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Grade: D

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This product is a bit deceiving, because this toy is apparently not for ripping OR tugging.

The rip ‘n tug™ is a stimulating, reward-based toy that will keep your dog busy. Stuffed with tasty treats or kibble, dogs rip the toy apart again and again and again, satisfying their natural hunting instinct/

When Jay brought this home for Stella, we both were super excited. As Jay suspected SHE LOVED THIS TOY! She loved it before we ever even put a treat inside. She tugged and ripped the velcro and just made all those little happy dog faces at it, while ripping the velcro open and closed about a million times. Stella is still teething, and she LOVES to bite stuff– HARD. She bites her toys as hard as she can- and she normally won’t rip them, but she likes to bite and tug on them. The material these toys are made out of is great. I thought the this was the bomb too, but then, 2 days later, Stella had ripped the velcro off 2 sections of the toy. I was sad, but thought- well she played with it a little too hard. But then, the next day, Jay was tugging on the remaining bit with her, and the rope ripped off, too! We’ve actually never had to replace her toys– because she’s just really good about not tearing shit up.  I may own a really spoiled dog– but I’m pretty honest about stuff when it comes to my dog– and we just normally don’t buy stuff that we know she’ll tear up.  This seemed like a great concept- but these people would have to really work hard to convince me to give another of their products a try.

Do not spend your money on this toy. It’s annoyed me so much that I sort of want to write them a letter, but I’m afraid they’ll just offer to replace it with another shitty toy that I have to really watch her with, so that she doesn’t choke on the pieces.

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