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Dear Stella,

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Mommy and Daddy have pillows they like to sleep on. In fact, both of us have ‘favorite’ pillows which we sleep on every night. Or, at least we try to sleep on them. Unfortunately, your gigantic dog self has been stealing them so often of late, that I continuously find myself sleeping sideways in the bed. Not on my side, mind you. No, I mean literally sleeping sideways in the bed, with my head sticking out of the side of the comforter. That normally leads to me being forced to curl up into a ball so your horribly rough pads don’t scratch my skin (it causes rope-burn type things). Most mornings I wake up tired and cramped, yet you are lounging in the bed like you’re the queen of the castle.




So, in short, I just wanted to ask if you could, maybe, you know, GET OFF MY PILLOWS AND LEAVE ME A LITTLE SPACE IN THE FREAKING BED. I’m not asking for much. Just the mere corner of the pillow. Just a small scrap of blanket. That’s all we ask.

Love always,


3 thoughts on “Pillow Theif

  1. Sam's mom

    I followed you here from your old blog – love your perspective! I have never commented before. I SO feel your pain! Sammie, our choc lab hogs the bed every nite! Love him so much but come on! I’ve got to know – does Duncan sleep on the bed also? We are thinking about another dog but I don’t want to sleep on the couch!
    Your pics are priceless!

  2. Slobber Tales Post author

    Yes, Duncan sleeps in the bed, too! He’s so extra annoying. He will go sleep elsewhere sometimes, but sleeps in bed at some point, every night. He will get up on my pillow and lick my eyeballs open in the morning if it’s daylight out. So annoying!!! 😀

  3. Sam's mom

    The things we put up with for our 4 legged babies! Priceless! Thanks for your blog- I really enjoy it!! Isn’t eyeball licking the perfect way to wake up? *just a little snark as I wipe dog drool from face*


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