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Howdy, folks. Just wanted to post a quick update. We’ve not been up to much this holiday weekend, because Stella got a pexi and spay on Friday morning.  We dropped her off about 7:30 am. She was in a pretty good mood, and literally drug around the vet tech smelling all the random crap in the waiting room until she was taken to the back.

A few hours later, we got a call from the vet that Stells was awake and doing well. She had to stay overnight for observation because of the pexi– and so the long wait began. We were headed home from a movie, and passed the vets office, and there she was, standing in the backyard with a vet tech, in the rain, looking just about as sad and despondent as you can possibly imagine.

We picked her up Saturday morning, and while she was happy to see us, I think it was more relief than anything else. She was weird in the car, on the way home, and the minute we opened the door to her van, she barfed. 3 times.  I’m not afraid to admit I was pretty scared at this point. She went inside and basically just found a spot on the carpet and laid down.  She was down and out for about 4 hours.


Home from surgery, with a not so hot shave job…



Today is Tuesday and this crazy girl is almost back to herself. My dog walker was at the house just now to check on her, and told me that Stella did NOT feel like going for a walk today, but DID want her belly rubbed…apparently it itches. Hehe.


“Mommy, please rub this belly. Immediately.”


We’ve been really lucky, so far. She’s not messed with the stitches a single bit, since she’s been home on Saturday, so we’ve not had to put the cone of shame on her at all. Today was her first day completely alone in her crate, and the pet sitter said her belly was completely unmolested. YAY~


Hopefully we’ll be back to adventures in about 10 more days.

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  1. Kim

    Ruby had her spay and pexy done about three weeks ago. She acted pretty much the same…bummed around for a day or two and then acted like, “what surgery!?” and was a fool the rest of the time. I’d like to see the vet keep an 8.5 month old dog calm for 10-14 days without sedatives. However, her incision healed up nicely and she’s doing well. Just waiting for the fur to grow back in on the goofy shave job. Hope Stella does just as well!

  2. Kim

    Oh, and she also didn’t mess with her stitches at all. No cone of shame. A simple “leave it” worked each time. 🙂


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