OMG. Stop with the rain, already!

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We’ve had a few changes in our house recently. Jay started a new job about a month ago, and with the new job came a whole helluva lot of travel. Jay leaves Austin on Monday mornings at like 3:30am and comes home on Fridays. While this is challenging enough for me, it’s extra weird for the dogs, as for the entirety of their life, Jay and I were just always *there*. The first few weeks of the new schedule was particularly tough on Stella, though Duncan took it all with the oblivious happiness that consumes his whole being.

As the weeks have gone on, the dogs and I have finally begun to settle in to this weird schedule. Unfortunately, along with the ‘settling in’ has come days upon days of unending rain. This is sort of whatever on a normal basis, but we’ve been in a drought here in central Texas for YEARS. We desperately need the rain, but I swear to god that lately it’s been pretty much, “Oh! Jay’s coming home– LET’S ENSURE IT’S RAINING!!” The dogs have been trapped inside for what feels like forever and it’s making them insane. Last weekend we were able to take them to the park, and those were some HAPPY dogs.

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Jay spent some time trying to teach Duncan to jump off the dock. He’ll jump off the edge pond, which is raised higher, and has a farther drop than the dock does, but this silly dog will just not at all jump off that dock. Were we at a place where Jay and I could jump off with him, I think he’d do it endlessly– but for now, he’s just not going to do it. He stood there and listened so carefully to his daddy, but he was not having it.  Jay tossed the ball into the water and Duncan raced around like a bullet  and jumped in from the side.


So, you’re just gonna jump right off this edge and get your ball, buddy!!

I’m hoping that we can get at least a single clear day this weekend while Jay’s here to take them back out, but also, I just secretly want a reprieve from the mud on my carpet and the giant, muddy pawprints on my tile floors.  I love these dogs more than just about anything on the earth, even though they are just about worthless.  <3


Ya’ll have a great weekend, and kiss your pups.

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