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We’ve been out of pocket a little, because we took a short trip to Oklahoma to visit Jay’s mom. Stella was an angel on the drive– literally she spent the time sitting in the back seat, staring quietly out the window,  or snoring like an old man on the floor. Once we got there, she continued to behave and somehow refrained from jumping on Jay’s mom who is about 5’4″  and couldn’t be more than 105 pounds. Which is extra awesome because Stella weighs 116 lbs.  Anyway, by the time we got home Sunday afternoon– Stella was very tired and VERY ready to go to the dog park. It didn’t take but a few minutes of playing with her best friend Riley before she was exhausted.

In other news, allergies in Oklahoma and Austin were out of control, and Stella’s had some skin issues the last few days, so we gave her some Benadryl. In addition to giving her a bath, I also washed my sheets, just so we’d all be fresh and clean. We gave her the Benadryl before the shower, so by the time she was dry and we were putting the sheets back on the bed she was just absolutely exhausted.

She came in the room and decided it didn’t matter that we were making the bed- she was tired and was going to sleep. Except…she only made it this far before just falling asleep. She couldn’t even get her legs up on the bed. HAHA.


So lazy…

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  1. Nat Post author

    Yeah– she is gigantic– yet still skinny as can be!

    She was so ridiculous. She tried to scoot up farther in the bed, but just said ‘forget it!’ and fell asleep instead. We were standing there, holding the blankets, laughing at her.


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