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Before I get started on how the Great Dane meet-up went, I just desperately needed to share this super amazing photo I caught of Stella greeting Jay when he came home from work. Stella’s favorite way to greet those she really loves is to give nose-noms. She will literally turn her face sideways and graze on your nose with her teeth. God forbid she catches a nostril with her walrus teeth, because that shit smarts, and it will make your eyes tear up.



Look at this photo. Notice that Stella’s eyes are closed. This dog is in complete and utter ecstasy. The nose noms normally just last a minute or two, before they eventually turn into sweet kisses.

photo (1)

sweet kisses!

Anyway– that’s how that goes. It cracks me up that I finally caught a shot of the nose-noms. So painful, sometimes, lol!

We went to Cedar Bark Park this weekend for the Great Dane Meet-Up. Both Stella and Duncan had a great time, and this particular episode was extra special, because Stella wasn’t the only person  who wrestled.  There were a couple of Great Danes there who decided that Duncan looked like a much better partner to wrestle than Stella, apparently.

photo (1)

look at this ridiculous behavior


photo 3

Stella and a Fawnequin trying to drown each other…


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.22.18 PM

Swimmer Danes


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.23.44 PM

I smack you, Blue Dane.


photo 1



Today, they are both exhausted, and when their Nana came to walk them, they were both completely uninterested in walking, and decided to just lay there when she arrived:

photo 1 (1)

Doodle recharge time…


photo 2 (1)

Great Dane recharge time


No walk today, Nana. It’s sleeeepy time!

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