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  As we all know, Ms. Stella Blue is a spoiled little diva. Let anything at all be amiss, and her royal highness will for sure let you know about it.  Stella has always been weird about neighbors, but she is particularly weird about the one next door. Every time that poor man goes outdoors to fire up his grill or whatever, Stella will stand there and bark at him, all while stamping her feet. I mean, literally, she will stand there and sort of pounce at him– staring him in the eyeball while he tries to cook his burger or whatever the hell he is doing over there. The last week or so, he’s been having some landscaping done. He’d had trees put in the back when he moved in, but the rest of his yard was fairly much just bare grass. He had shrubs, flowerbeds, etc installed– so the workers have been here. They had to bring in a bunch of mulch and stuff, so they are having to go to the driveway with their wheelbarrow, fill it up with mulch, and then drive the wheelbarrow back through the alley. Every time one of these men moves  and Stella spies them through the gaps in the wood she barks like a lunatic. As a matter of fact it got so bad that my dog walker had to lock her indoors for a few hours– because none of us could get Stella to stop.

Jay and I became concerned because aside from it being a nuisance, I don’t want an HOA report filed on me, nor a noise call from the police.

We live on a corner lot, so we have a guy on one side of us, and then a person behind us. I ended up sending those two people and then the two people beside those houses some fresh baked cookies from a local bakery that delivers them when they are still warm. I attached the following note:


So, I sent the cookies and felt better about myself, and then yesterday afternoon I came home and found this:



Ya’ll– how nice was this person!?!?!?!?! I don’t even know which of the neighbors sent this, but I love them super hardcore.  Anyway, I know most of ya’ll saw all this on my FB feed, but I wanted to put it here so that I had a record of it all with the rest of her madness. 😀

I’m so glad there are still dog lovers in the world…

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