Move it, Doodle!

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Apparently, the space between Jay and I is much desired real estate between the dogs. As a general rule, in the night, Stella sleeps between the pillows, curled up into a tiny ball. She normally doesn’t start there, but that’s where she ends up when it’s time for actual sleeping. Last night, I stayed up too late and when I finally went to bed, Duncan curled up in the spot between the pillows.  Stella was pretty pissed off, and lay down at the end of the bed pouting, her head coming up every few minutes to see if I was petting him or not. I turned off the light, and everything was quiet for a second, when Stella jumped up and barked a single time. She stepped off the bed and made it to the bedroom door before Duncan jumped up and ran into the living room to see what was happening. She’d not even made it through the door before she turned around, jumped up back up onto the bed and curled herself up in the spot Duncan had just vacated.

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