Letters to Stella: I’m gonna miss this

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There is a stupid country song that I hear on the radio all the time which I love, called You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins.  This song always makes me smile, because in many ways it’s true. I miss some of the times when the kids were small too, but generally I’m glad we all made it through the child-rearing years alive. HAHA. Every time I hear this song– it makes me think back when you were a tiny little pup. Yes, I know you’re STILL a puppy, but I mean more when your body was small:


8 weeks. What a tiny little girl.


When you were small we left an iPad plugged in by your crate with a whitenoise app that played a heartbeat. We aren’t sure if it worked or not, but we were convinced  at the time that it did.


What a terrible beast.




It’s not that I can’t ‘hold’ you anymore– gosh knows I do it daily– it’s more that I can’t hold you in my LAP while you’re sleeping. Mainly because if I tried to move you around where you were physically laying ON my tummy like you used to, I’d probably have to be rushed to the ER because your 100 pound butt is too heavy to lay on me these days. Every day you are growing more and more, and I can’t help but miss the tiny little thing you used to be:

Omg. Snugglemuffin.


Hehe. Such a cutie! I think she’s about 10 or 11 weeks here.



But then– I get sent videos like this one from my son. You’re only 7 months– but that personality– it makes me fall in love harder each time I see you.





I love you, silly, stupid dog. In ways I never thought I could.


Love always,


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