Letters to Stella: Finding Duncan Doodle

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Dear Stella,


This weekend you were terrible. In all ways. I don’t even know what happened when you ran off with that box of dryer sheets. I have a photo of you being sneaky on the bed, pulling them out of the box, one at a time– with just the very TIP of your donkey teeth. The bedroom was dark — yet I saw you:

Evidence. Please note the pile of dryer sheets, strung out on our bed…


Look at you. One dryer sheet at a time…  carefully ripping them into tiny shreds. I smiled at you when this was happening. I just couldn’t help myself. You’re so terrible that even the bad stuff has become adorable.

Also, something else happened this weekend, sweetie. We went and picked out your new little buddy– and he comes home in a week and a half!  I would like to introduce you to Duncan!


Duncan Doodle-- 6 weeks

Duncan Doodle and Daddy– 6 weeks


Duncan and Hunter-- 6 weeks

Duncan and Hunter– 6 weeks


Duncan and Mommy-- 6 weeks

Duncan and Mommy– 6 weeks


Duncan Doodle : 6 weeks

Duncan Doodle : 6 weeks


Duncan and Daddy-- 6 weeks

Duncan and Daddy– 6 weeks


You’re going to love him so much. You can teach him all you know, and will be able to wake up EVERY DAY, with your own little Doodle to play with.  I know you’re going to love him, sweetie! I can’t WAIT for you to meet him!


I love you with all my heart,









2 thoughts on “Letters to Stella: Finding Duncan Doodle

  1. Slobber Tales Post author

    I’m so excited for myself that I can’t even stand it. It’s terrible because I’ve already gotten in the habit of calling him “Donut”– and he’s still not even here!! Donkey and Donut…


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