Letters to Stella: Dryer Sheets

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Dear Stella,

I adore you. There’s not much on this sweet earth I want to do more than just generally be at home, hanging out with you and taking you to random places. But, I gotta tell you somethin’, kid– the dryer sheet thing has got to go.

Yesterday, when I was moving my clothes from the washer into the dryer you barged into the laundry room with your gigantic, bulldozer self, and then proceeded to reach your huge horse head INTO the dryer, and oh-so-gently remove the dryer sheet, and then I watched you slink off into the living room, where you thought you might be allowed to enjoy your delicious treat in peace.

Not so fast, sassafrass.

I don’t know what it is about dryer sheets that makes you lose your mind. I seriously thought that when you were a baby, it was just a passing fancy. But I fear I am wrong. Yesterday, you made me chase you around the love seat for about 5 minutes, me sharply telling you to ‘give’, with you assessing whether or not I was really mad, and then deciding that you gave zero shits about that anyway, and just proceeded to play “Catch the Criminal” with me around the love seat.

But the worst part? The worst part is that when I finally was pointing at your stubborn self, and telling you to bring your wiggly, wormy butt over here so that I could retrieve the dryer sheet…


And all the while, you were laughing and dancing on the inside. You’re a terrible, terrible dog, Stella Blue.  A terrible dog indeed.

Because it’s adorable, here’s a picture of you playing with Gunner. He loves you so hard. Almost as much as we do.

Stella and Gunner



2 thoughts on “Letters to Stella: Dryer Sheets

  1. Slobber Tales Post author

    I haven’t really googled around to see what would happen if she *did* swallow one– but I’m afraid to. If we’d allow it, she’d prefer to do nothing more than dance around a box of dryer sheets, pulling each one out gently with the very edge of her teeth. Then she flings them around with brief intervals of chewing– and then she finally just shreds them up. However, she’s tried to swallow them before.


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