Let the slobbering begin!

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Apart from the loss of my father in law, losing our golden retriever, Forbin, was probably the hardest thing my family has been through in a long time. My husband was devastated, my kids were distraught, and there was just an emptiness in our home. I wasn’t sure how long it would be before we were ready for another dog in our life, but it came sooner than I expected. We are most definitely a dog family– and not having one just feels wrong for us.  Jay and I are generally planners. There are some things in which we do very spontaneously, but for the most part, we plan. And so, the planning began, and we tentatively scheduled that we’d get another golden puppy sometime around the first of 2013.

You can pretty much chuck that shit right out the door. It’s now August of 2012, and we are going to meet a breeder.

A great dane breeder.

Our lives are about to change forever. I wrote a post about Jay and his ‘fear’ of this giant dog about to enter our lives on another website I run.  As I mentioned in that post, he’s certainly not really afraid– he just always likes to remind me that the PERFECT dog is a golden retriever. It’s going to be extra fun to watch him learn that the perfect dog is actually any dog we own.

I hope all of you come in and stay awhile. I plan to have a few of you write guest posts for me on this site– and would love to hear the stories you want to share about your own adventures with your four legged friends.  Until then, come on in and enjoy the view.

Oh yeah, and watch out for the dog…she drools a little. 🙂

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