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Jay and I have struggled with Stella’s diet for some time, which is extra awesome considering the damn dog hasn’t even come home yet. I’d been doing a ton of reading about the RAW diet for dogs for a while, and Jay and I had talked in depth about alternatives to kibble. After reading about a billion articles about it, and then talking in depth with our vet and our breeder, we ended up deciding against the RAW diet for her (which is basically raw, meaty bones). We then discussed the possibility of making our own dog foods from scratch, but nixed that as too much of a pain in the ass. We will, however, allow Stella Blue a raw bone from time to time for a treat, I think. And as with Forbin, I’m sure there will be times we make her a ‘concoction’ from real vegetables and meats– but we’ll cook the meats for that.

And so began our search for the ‘right’ kibble.

Our contract with our breeder stipulates that we use a kibble that contains 23% or less of protein. This is pretty common among colossal breeds, mainly because they want to try to control the growth, otherwise it can lead to an already giant dog becoming larger even faster, thus causing issues with joints, hips, etc. However, after doing much research on our own, we realized that this information was not actually accurate. what one is actually looking to watch in colossal breed dogs is the calcium/phosphorous ratios.  Jay and I have always been particular about our dogs, and we’ve never been a family to buy ‘what’s on sale’, nor anything from the grocery store. While we’ve always purchased good food for our dogs, this time around we wanted something a bit more premium, and made in the US. Not because we are so ultra supportive of US products, but mainly because the US has better quality controls and stipulations for pet food– for the most part, anyway.

So, we looked at Blue Buffalo products .  They had several options we looked into,  neither of us was  completely happy with this choice. We looked and looked and looked, and in the end we’ve decided on Orijen Six Fish. While it’s not made in the US, it is made in Canada, and the ingredients are carefully monitored.  This has been repeatedly ranked to be some of the highest quality, best food on the market, in report after report, and survey after survey.

We’ll see how it rolls!

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