Jumping. Backtalking. Treasures. Joy.

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So, Jay and I have been struggling (and by struggling I mean that we secretly giggle at her terrible behavior) with some behaviors from Stella which we deem unacceptable, (and by unacceptable, I mean completely terrible — and yet we still giggle at the terribleness.) and are trying to ‘fix’ said behavior.

Now, I *know* we should have forbidden said behaviors from the beginning, but we didn’t. We are like the overindulgent parents that spoil the child absolutely rotten. Luckily– Stella is sweet, and generally very well behaved– but there are these couple of things that are just… super freaking adorable bad.

For example:

  •  Jumping:— I blame Jay for this one. Stella gets SOOOO freaking excited and likes to jump up and snarfle in people’s ears. It’s weird and funny because it tickles. It’s like she’s just gently, gently nibbling the ear, and yet blowing into it at the same time. You can’t help but laugh when she’s doing it…but the jumping is bad. So we got in the habit of just immediately getting down on the floor when we get home– but she jumps up on us while we are there anyway. And let’s not get started with the whole jumping when you are running around playing with her in the back yard.
  • Backtalking — If you tell Stella ‘no’ about something she really, really wants to do, she will look right at you, and make a ‘snapping’ sound with her teeth. Or she’ll like, boop her head forward at you all pissy like, and then bark. Or worse if you’re standing by her, over her, or god forbid, leaning near her face, she will open her mouth and play bite at your chin. Her teeth will be physically touching your skin, but she will not have pressure nor will she scratch- but she does make a back talk sound when she does it. It’s terrifying because you are secretly worried she might maul your face off. She would never– your ass is scared anyway.
  • Treasures — What in the hell is with the treasures? Does anyone else have this problem? Stella will find something she has decided looks fabulous, and then walk by wherever I am to show me she has it, then plays “Keep Away” around the couch until I find someone to help me corral her. “Leave it” would work, one would think, but you can see her face when she’s doing this– and she ONLY takes the item for me to play chase with her. HOWEVER– if you do NOT play chase with her (and dude, I mean RIGHT THEN) she will proceed to eat the shit. Much like my Chanel sunglasses. I’m still heartbroken.

So yeah, all in all, I have a terribly spoiled, terribly behaved great dane. Am I the only one who has fallen prey to the charm instead of being a ‘strict’ mommy and making her obey all the rules? She’s just so damn stubborn…

2 thoughts on “Jumping. Backtalking. Treasures. Joy.

  1. Our Miss Lucy

    As a mature extremely well behaved Dane, I understand that the rambunctiousness of young ones can be hard for humans to deal with. There is also a failure to communicate due to your lack of experience in communicating with Danes.

    Your darling Stella is simply trying to help you explain to you that you must re-arrange your priorities to make them compatible for optimum enjoyment of living. Let me translate for you.

    What you call jumping, is simply Stella reminding you that you are hers and she is in charge of you and you have been away or thinking independently so you need a reminder. It is also a example of how excited you should be when you return to her. Also, when you are outside playing prey and Dane…..what else do you expect her to do. There is no such thing as flag preyball !

    Your back-talk comment really is troubling. She is clearly trying to correct your negative behavior. No should never be told to a Dane by a human. It is only female Danes that can tell other Danes, “No”. I might have to recommend a owner class to Stella, if you do not stop trying to tell her what to do!

    Finally, we will discuss the treasures. You obviously are play challenged. It is the same at my house. One must find something (in my house I get the best results by showing off things from my extensive toy collection), parade it around (every morning and when people arrive, it must be done repetitively because humans are slow learners), get people interested in the object, so they will focus on playing with the Dane instead of whatever minutiae is occupying them at the time. The most important rule is the Dane must NEVER willingly let the human have the object. It can cause the human to think they are in charge or have too much power.

    I hope I have cleared up a few of these misunderstandings up for you. Stella, my darling, keep fighting the good fight. Please remember, anything on the counter is meant for you. They would not display anything that nicely on our level, if it wasn’t meant for us.



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