It’s so close I can taste it.

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Alea and Forbin- 2011

This morning I was reading People and came across this article about a puppy who was born without his paw, and so they make prosthetic paws for him. Of course, it’s expensive and so Groupon did a deal matching money or something like that. Anyway, this little guy is just too fucking cute.  That shit sort of got me thinking about what ‘animal’ charities or associations you guys are affiliated with.  What about volunteer work? Do any of you participate in anything like that? What about volunteering WITH your animals? Thoughts?

In other news, my breeder and I had a convo the other day and it may be that we end up with a little girl dog– then Jay and I had to go BACK to the drawing board with names– but this time for a girl.  We tossed around:






Scarlet Begonia (called Scarlet)

But…we ended up choosing none of those.

And so, we’ve named our girl puppy, which we may or may not have:

 Stella Blue

And no- we won’t just call her Stella– her name is Stella Blue. Think- Mary Jane or Mary Ann. It was a huge relief picking one- as not having a name makes me feel completely unprepared.  It’s literally just a handful more days left till the puppies are born. I just feel like I’m going to die from excitement. It’s like a kid ramping up for an extra big birthday or Christmas or something.



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