It’s a whole new year!

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Stella playing chase at the dog park with a friend.

Boy– the last few months have been absolutely crazy. The dogs are growing and maturing beautifully, but of course it’s not all perfect rainbows and unicorns. There’s some naughtiness going on as well. We’ve had a lot going on, so let me share a bit of it with you! We spent a lot of time at the dog park before our winter vacation. There was a lot of running around. A lot of snap-jawing. A lot of doggie wrestling. A whole lot of fun.  In preparation for our winter vacation, Jay purchased a GoPro.  Like any good doggie daddy would, Jay also purchased straps to stick on the Doodle.  He then attached the straps on the Doodle, attached the GoPro, and then loosed Duncan Doodle into the dog park. The results, my friend, the results are nothing short of perfection. Duncan never stops moving the entire video, and instead of swimming this day, Duncan pretty much spent the entire morning greeting all the other dogs in the park, and dancing around to the beat of his own drummer.

Luckily the GoPro is waterproof, so when the weather warms up, Duncan will be using it to catch his ball in the lake when he goes swimming. Unfortunately, we forgot to hook it to him when he was playing in the snow on vacation– but maybe next time.  So yeah, we ended up going to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for vacation. We also decided to take the dogs (what were we thinking?). It all started out great, until we decided we needed to ship the crates. That turned into a horrible nightmare, as I waited a bit too long to ship them, and it cost us 500.00 to ship the damn thing. TBH, we could have bought a new one cheaper, but we couldn’t guarantee it would deliver by the time we arrived at the house. Ugh.

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Stella’s first snow investigation.

So, yeah — the dogs. They were introduced to the snow and let me tell you– they were a mix between aghast, excited and confused– and pretty much an entire bundle of energy.  They trampled up snowy hills, ran around parks with snow up to my knees, chewed on snow covered branches, and generally just acted like fools. I’m not sure who enjoyed the mess more, Stella or Duncan, but I can positively confirm it was Duncan who was turned into a complete bully in the snow.  Every time he would run around outdoors he’d be attacking her, biting her neck, jumping at her legs– just terrible, terrible doodle behavior. Poor Stella didn’t have much recourse because for the most part, she didn’t want to run into the big snow drifts. She didn’t mind it a bit on her feet, but she didn’t want to be wallering around in 4′ of snow.

Here’s Stella and and Duncan being introduced to the snow as well as their first experience at an unfenced dog park. Let’s just say that experiment was strange. Stella ran off about a quarter of a mile behind a giant snow pile before circling back around.  Jay and I were both terrified and scared she wouldn’t return– but eventually she did.  After that first day she didn’t really run off at the park– but I’m not looking forward to having her have free reign in the open plains anytime soon.


This girl. She has my heart.


Doodle smiles. 😀



Run doggies, run.



Doodle smiles.



Pretty girl.



What a beautiful girl!


I hope everyone had a safe, happy, wonderful holiday. Stay tuned for more adventures of Stella and Duncan– and possibly, little Miss Sunday!

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