No Comments on injury!

So, I woke up yesterday morning and my shoulder hurt a lot. While on the drive to work I went to check over my shoulder before a lane change, and could barely turn my head. I mean, BARELY. I ended up getting massage, and that ended up helping a lot. The problem is that the injury itself was a result of this STUPID DOG. She sleeps in the bed with us nightly (as does Duncan), but she sleeps up by our pillows.  In fact, she sleeps BETWEEN our pillows. It’s not like she lays alongside us, no– she lays perpendicular  between the pillows, relegating Jay and I to wad ourselves up into strange and random shapes in order to have a sliver of pillow and cover.

I blame this lazy beast for my horrible pain inducing shoulder injury. <3

photo (11)

photo (10)

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