I *JUST* freaking bought that shirt!

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“What? I’m just sitting here chewing on some grass, yo…”


I had not intended to bombard you with so many letters, but unfortunately, it seems to be the best form of communication with you. First and foremost, I want to thank you for allowing Daddy and I to have ‘grown up time’ in the bed last night without waking up and shaking the hell out of your cage. It was really nice, because unfortunately you have a tendency to be the biggest mood killer of all time.

I want to start off by telling you that your obnoxious behavior this morning, was, in fact, obnoxious. I took tags off my brand new shirt, and when I came around the corner of the house when you were playing in the yard, you freaking  jumped out from behind the grill and ninja attacked me by deciding to HANG on my blouse. This isn’t acceptable behavior, Stella. To top it all off, Daddy told me that I shouldn’t wear ‘work clothes’ while playing with you, except…



Ugh. Anyway, that especially sucked, because the exact same shirt, in  navy blue shirt, which I bought at the same time, was destroyed by you LAST NIGHT, when I was taking THIS VIDEO!


That was extra sucky because the black one you ripped this morning is no longer in stock in my size.  *sigh*

In other news, you were extra cute yesterday morning:


“Our Father, which art in Heaven, please grant me the energy to boop this windchime with my nose. Amen.”



“I will stick my tongue out to ensure my boop of the windchime is successful.”





And finally, because even though you were a complete assbag last night when you’d wake up to pee, and because even though you are a daddy’s girl, and even though my friends have actually said they aren’t sure if you love me or hate me after watching that video, the reality is I don’t even care, because I love you. And sometimes, like in the photo below, you are so sweet it makes me want to cry. It’s too bad I can’t catch those sweet, sleepy good night kisses on film.


Sweet dreams, my angel.

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