“I don’t even like this dog.”

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Our first walk to the lake in our neighborhood. Stella is in heaven.

Yesterday Jay had a function after work, and so it was just the kids, Stella and I. I took sassypants for a walk and then brought her home and played with her a bit. By that time, Hunter was home from work and so I assigned him the dreaded task. This task always comes along with various and sundry sighs, bitching and whining.

The task?

I’m so glad you asked. The task is ‘watching the puppy’. These requests are generally met with whining, complaining and bitching, along with comments such as:


I don’t even like this dog.


This statement is clearly false.


All she does is bite my face.




She never listens to me!!


More truth.


She’s so bad!


This is stating the obvious.

Anyway, I came down like a hammer and told that whiny teenager to watch the puppy while I indulged in a warm, luxurious bubble bath, complete with In Plain Site on my ipad to entertain me. I had just sat my ass down into the tub and was reaching towards the ipad stand to turn on my show when Stella comes flying into the bathroom at speeds so fast she was a blur.  She makes a beeline for me and spies the bubbles in the tub, which make her go INSANE with happiness. She tries to jump in the tub to no avail, and then tries to sneak attack eat the bubbles, all the while trying to drown herself. Alea barged in at that time (thank heavens our tub is giant and the tub was full of bubbles!!!) trying to catch the dog, and I had her remove the ipad and my cellphone from the tubs edge. I decided that instead of bathing her when I got out, I’d go ahead and grab Stella while she was being silly and bathe her then.

She doesn’t mind baths, but being picked up and sort of half dragged over the side did not put her in a good mood. It took her a few minutes to settle  down, but not before my upper chest, neck and face were attacked by flying, spindly legs and razor sharp claws. It took about 8 minutes to bathe her, and then we got out. I dried her really well, dried myself and dressed and then she zoomied her way out of the bathroom. In moments she was on the couch, shivering a little from the chill outside. I took that opportunity to hold her for awhile. In the end, she was so sweet, I had to lay her on the chair and get a photo:

Snuggling in a warm blanket on the chair after her bath. She’s so hardcore asleep in this photo.

I’ve been wanting to mention that we found THE BEST pet sitter/dog walker of ALL time.  Jay and I began our initial search before Stella came home, so that we’d have all our ducks in a row. I scheduled for 3 companies to send over pet sitters, the first week I brought Stella home, when I was still there with her every day. One of the companies sent out someone I absolutely hated on site, the other one came out with the owner, who I loved, and the pet sitter, who never once smiled at me, or my dog.

And then, we met Ms. Cynthia from Your Helping Paws  Ya’ll this woman is absolutely amazing. She’s sweet, she’s loving and she’s got the most adorable, awesome voice, ever. Moreover, Stella LOVES her. The funny thing is, that I’m pretty sure Stella sees her as a ‘grandma’ figure because she just does NOT remember the rules when Ms. Cynthia is around. But this is ok, because Ms. Cynthia is one of those super rad grandmas who lets you do what you want, yet you still somehow end up obeying the same rules? Haha! We told Ms. Cynthia yesterday that she could begin taking Stella on very small walks on the sidewalks around my house– no more than a block or so. Ms. Cynthia is all excited and says, “Sure!!”

The next morning, I get a photo from her, and the text reads: “This is Stella on her ‘walk’!”

Stella on her ‘walk’ with Ms. Cynthia

Apparently, Cynthia took the leash and Stella into the back yard and Stellz had no idea wtf to do. We always go out the front with the leash, so I’m sure she was half ass confused!! Anyway, she plays Ms. Cynthia like a violin. Soooo sweet. Anyway, this woman is amazing. She doesn’t just let Stella out to pee, she plays with her, snuggles with her, and texts me constantly to let me know how Stella is.  She goes above and beyond to make me feel like Stella Blue is the ONLY dog in her life, and THIS makes me really, really happy.

Anyway, we head back to the vet this weekend for a weigh in and check up. I’ll follow up with more pictures, later!



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