Honestly, the burglar needs an intervention

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It’s been a hellacious week for us at work, and I feel like I’ve not gotten to spend any time with the dogs recently. I’m not sure if there is a direct correlation between Duncan’s bad behavior and my super lame schedule, but it seems that could be possible. The first incident was Monday evening.  Jay and I were upstairs, playing some video games and I heard a strange quiet from Duncan, and then some tiny, small sound. I have ‘mom ears’ still, even though my real children are grown, and I yanked my head under my desk (where his bed is located) and he seemed to be busy with some sort of dog toy. I go back to what I’m doing and a few moments later I hear the sound that no dog owner wants to hear. The ‘riiiiiiipppp’ sound.  I jumped up from my chair and found him happily nomming this:



Jay’s shoe. /snicker

This is Jay’s shoe. I find this amusing because Duncan almost ALWAYS eats my shoes. The most delicious part of this story, is that Jay was WEARING these flops. When I found this shoe in Duncan’s mouth, the other flop was literally on Jay’s foot. I don’t know why he had one flop off, but I assume it’s because he had his foot tucked underneath him, but whatever the case, he was not on the alert for the shoe burglar. Jay was displeased.

On Tuesday, Nana texted me and sent me this:


Wait. What the hell is on Duncan’s neck?


A few seconds later this comes over:



What IS that?


And then she sends me this:





It’s by this last pic I realize what the hell the dogs are wearing. It’s my nightgown. One of these terrible animals went in the house and stole my NIGHTGOWN and dragged it out onto the lawn. Nana was unsure who it was. I decided a bit of sleuthing was in order.

Ya’ll. It’s the Doodle. Duncan continues to be the one who steals items from my house and takes them outdoors. I feel it’s important to remind Jay that the Doodle is his dog.  /hmph.


Hope ya’ll are having a great week!



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