He’s hogging all the damn covers

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Stella is one of the fawn ones!


I just want you to know that your arrival could not come soon enough for me. Last night your father proceeded, yet again, to steal every bit of cover and sheet from me, as he does each and every night. We  sleep with two fans on and it gets very chilly in our room.  Your father, however, has a tendency to wrap himself up in the covers like a burrito. It’s making me insane, messing with my sleep, and additionally making me contemplate foul play. The sooner you come here, and learn how to behave outside of your crate, the sooner this nonsense will end. You see, this is all a fairly new phenomenon, because Forbin and Tela have always been there, in the middle of the bed, to act as an anchor, so that neither your father, nor I would come out victorious in the blanket wars.

In retrospect the only ones to come out victorious in those wars were Forbin and Tela. Seems like your father and I were always hugging the edge and trying not to fall off the damn bed.  Hmm…

Just remember, your spindles need to face your FATHER each night. Not me…mainly because I don’t want to be punched in the face. And also, because I want to snuggle you.

Love always,




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