Happy Almost Holidays

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It’s like non-stop destruction at my house, ya’ll. I don’t mean they are chewing shit up or whatever, but the rainy season we have going on now is turning parts of my backyard into a mud pit.  I came home yesterday afternoon and those damn dogs must have run around the yard right after the rain stopped, and played chase as hard as they could, both up and down the stairs, and all around every carpeted area in my house. There are massive dog paw prints, in mud, on my carpet. There is mud on the hard floors. There is mud on my bed. There is mud on my couch. There is mud EVERYWHERE in the house.  I mean, it’s not like Doodle doesn’t partake. He does. However, his paws are sorta like bear paws. Large and sort of flat and wide– and Stella is so heavy and her pads are so compact, it’s like she digs the maximum amount of mud from the ground as she possibly can before carting it inside my home and depositing it on my white carpet. Those dogs are so totally not worth the trouble.


I wish you could see her face…

A few weeks ago we had another Great Dane Meet Up at Cedar Bark Park. Stella had SO much fun. There were tons of Danes there this time, but more importantly, there were some totally playful, spirited Danes there. Stella ran around like a lunatic. She had about 5 of them chasing her at one point, just flirting her fool head off. She was so sweet.

In other news, we’re going skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO over the Christmas break, and we’ll be taking the dogs with us. I am both dreading it and excited for it. Stella has done a few road trips, but Duncan has never been on a road trip. I can’t imagine how horrible he’s going to be. There’s also no fence around the property we are renting– which means the dogs will have to be let out to pee on a leash.

I’m sure your dogs are all well behaved and awesome, but my dogs are spoiled a-holes and neither like to pee or poop on a lead. I can’t even imagine what a pain it’s going to be. The good news is we’ll be plotting our route based on dog parks  along the way, so hopefully we will just have really happy, completely exhausted dogs.



For now, though, both dogs are doing really well. We had a brief run in with ringworm– which was totally gross, but I think we’re on the other side of that now, at least.

OH! Also, Alea bought Stella and Duncan this MASSIVE freaking caterpillar that’s more than 7ft long. I’ll have to get a good pics of the dogs playing with it this weekend. It’s hard to tell just how big the damn thing is from the cell pics I took– so I’ll have to break out the good camera for it.

I wish all of you guys a very happy holiday, and caution you guys to take extra special care of your pups during the holiday season. Keep a list of foods that are harmful to dogs (remember, a single piece of sugar free gum can kill a dog!) and keep a close eye on them. It’s cold out!



Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your pups the VERY happiest of holidays!

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