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Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

Bringing Duncan into our home is probably one of the smartest things we’ve ever done. There was a small time there where I wasn’t quite sure about this move, mainly because #1 Duncan smelled like sour towel about half the time, and #2 because every damn thing in the whole world would stick to his fur.A few weeks ago, I finally shaved about 4 inches of fur off him, and then took him to the groomer where they shaved even more.  Doing so simultaneously made two things happen. The first thing that happened was that the disgusting sour towel smell completely went away. I am sure it was some sort of disgusting bacteria that was growing in his constantly wet doodle beard, but it had just never occurred to me to shave him.  Secondly- shaving all that fur off kept most of the flotsam out of my house.  It’s also kept him from constantly scratching all the time. In summation, I was a poor doodle owner, and should have kept my boy trimmed nice and short from day 1- and instead I grew him out to look like a wooly mammoth. mammoth.  Since we trimmed him up, he’s soooo much more comfortable, and is far more fun to play with, hahaha! Stella doesn’t seem to mind too much, because we left enough of his mustachio there for her to pull on when he’s being bad, Bwahaha.  Anyway, the fact that this dog looks so fracking adorable with short hair was EXTRA surprising for me. I was sure I’d hate him once we cut his fur off, but somehow he looked even more adorable!                                   


Post hair-cut

Speaking of Stella, my sweet princess has been going out of her way to remind Duncan Doodle that it is she who is the boss of the slobber tales household. I cannot tell you how many timesshe’s stamped her feet, barked, growled and generally just bossed him around the last few weeks. If he comes zooming around her and she doesn’t want to share whatever it is she’s currently got, she’ll let him know in no uncertain terms that he’s welcome to buzz off and leave her alone. What’s hilarious about that is that she’ll usually allow him to remove crap she’s eating from her MOUTH, but if she’s got a toy she’s playing with and doesn’t want him to have it, she’ll snap at him. Hahaha!  I try not to encourage her crappy behavior, but I also don’t want him to become a bully. He’s super sweet most of the time, but she’s taught him to play rough, hehe, and when he wants to play– he plays HARD. I’m going to have to get more video of the dogs playing like this, because it’s truly hysterical.  While we are on the subject of videos, a few of my friends have spy cameras in their homes and have been recording their Danes playing with each other while they are away at work. I whined until Jay agreed to do the same for our house, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to set them up this weekend. Spying on them and being able to fuss at them when they are being awful is fabulous. I cannot wait.


This is my pig part. Back off.

And for no reason at all, here’s a super adorable pic of Stella eating a pig hoof, for no other reason than I find her to be adorable. 😛  I actually got in trouble for this particular episode because Stella likes to take her treats to the bed and nom them there. Almost always on Jay’s side. He told me in no uncertain terms the other day that perhaps allowing her to consume pig pieces on his side of the bed wasn’t the best of ideas. I didn’t really see the problem with it, but decided it’s always best to be kind to one’s spouse, so I’ve refrained since then. 🙂

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

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