Gross. Just gross. (caution, gross stuff inside)

Most of you have heard me talk about our pet sitter/dog walker who we lovingly refer to as “Nana”.  Though both of our dogs are potty trained, she comes once a day M-F, just to alleviate boredom, and because it makes Jay and I feel less guilty about leaving them. 🙂  Not too long ago, we installed a couple of Dropcams  in the house, specifically to spy on the dogs.  I’ve caught them doing all sorts of bad things.  Here’s a clip of Stella being exceptionally bad. Don’t judge my dirty house. No, really. Don’t judge.

Then there was the time that Duncan was sound asleep, and suddenly jumped up and took a book outside to destroy. You can’t actually view the destruction, only the theft, but you get the point. Again– don’t judge my dirty house.

The other day, Nana came to let the dogs out and found a present on the floor.  She sent me a photo…



It took me a few minutes to figure out what it was. What it was, friends, was a baby bunny. A deceased baby bunny. A bunny not slain by the beast originally bred to be a war hound. No, the Great Dane did not slay the bunny.  It turns out, the Bunny Slayer turned out to be the Doodle.

Woolly Mammoth

Duncan Doodle– Bunny Slayer

Now, I don’t think he intended to actually kill and eat the bunny. I think he thought it was an extra fun stuffy, that happened to taste pretty good. When Nana sent me the photo, I instantly got on Dropcam to see if I could spy what happened. This first video is long, and at first it’s hard to see what’s happening. It’s basically Duncan bringing his trophy inside and dropping it all over various bits of furniture and carpet. *dies*

However, what’s really funny, is later on Stella comes in and sees the ‘trophy’ on the carpet. She inches closer to inspect and after a few sniffs, she’s out of there. I can almost hear her thinking, “Wow– that’s freaking nasty.”

Gross. Dogs are just gross. Especially mine…


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