Great Dane yard barriers

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Spring is just here in southern Texas and with it brings the normal yard crap we all have to do those first few warm days of the season.  This winter the dogs have been extra terrible and there’s a corner of our yard that’s now completely destitute. It’s nothing but a giant dirt pit. Much like a motorcross track there were little trails dug down deep into the dirt where the dogs would take the corners super fast and tight.  Between that, the tree that they pretty much completely dug up,  and the fact that the damn thing is still recovering from when Stella decided she wanted to peel all the bark off– we had to section off a corner of the yard to try to assist mother nature in repairing the damage done by my horrible animals.

2014-03-02 at 09-04-51

They dug up the tree, AND ate the roots.



2014-03-02 at 09-05-00

She pulled about 3 1/4 of an inch of bark off this one afternoon. It’s black because we sprayed a sealant on it to try to save it. So far, so good.



2014-03-02 at 09-06-46

The right hand side of the photo is our barren tundra.Only premium materials were used, such as left over chicken wire, 2 previously used and mostly bent posts, and a staple-gun.




You can tell we spend our time doing home improvement projects. I mean, how else can you explain such quality craftsmanship.


2014-03-02 at 09-04-03

A-Class Craftsmanship right here, ya’ll.


After stretching it out a bit, Jay put in a few reinforcements.

2014-03-02 at 09-04-12

Reinforcements. 🙂 obviously this was done by professionals.

The dogs were most displeased.  Stella has pouted at the redneck fence all day.  Oh- and for good measure? Take a gander at the support posts on my porch. Stella decided she needed a snack. Doodle helped.

2014-03-02 at 09-13-33

She’s pretending she didn’t make those chew marks…

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